lepetitchatblanc asked: hey sorry for all the notes! I'm doing a portfolio and blogpost on 90's editorials, you will be cited as a resource :) this is a fantastic blog

Wow, this is such an honor, thank you so much!

1 day ago

onlyvaultingambition asked: your blog is my favourite! xx

Thanks so much, sweetheart!

1 day ago

"In Mixed Company", ELLE US, August 1993
Photographer : Gilles Bensimon
Model : Claudia Schiffer

Requested by lina-vlad

(Source: bellazon.com)

2 days ago

"Formes Et Couleurs", L’Officiel France, 1990
Photographer : Serge Barbeau
Model : Angie Everhart

Requested by sunnylasunflower

(Source: patrimoine.editionsjalou.com)

3 days ago

abbieellis24 asked: What are a few of your favourite vogue covers from the 80's or 90's :-) Also love your blog!xxx

Thank you, sweetie! I love Vogue’s editorials but I’m more of an Elle kinda girl. I like all Elle covers and as for Vogue I like Beth Rupert’s one from 1983 and I guess some of Cindy’s from the early 90s. :)

3 days ago

Hanae Mori 1992
Model : Tyra Banks

Requested by generafrank

3 days ago

embroidered-veins asked: How tall are you?

I’m 181 cm, I think that’s about 5”11. :)

3 days ago

i-fry-water asked: for the person who was asking about modeling: this isn't the right blog, but Twiggy was 5'4" so it's less about height and more about being interesting visually and confidence blah blah blah

Yep, blah blah blah… :)

3 days ago

skullsinheaven asked: Who would you say is your all time favorite fashion photographer?:)

I don’t have a fav photographer but I do like Patrick Demarchelier and Enrique Badulescu. :)

3 days ago

depre33edandob3e33ed asked: Are you a model?

I tried to be a model when I was 16 but I didn’t really like what was happening in the fashion industry so I decided to protect myself and concentrate on my education instead. :)

3 days ago
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