I just receive an email from Tumblr that their previous message was actually a DMCA notification that was sent by mistake. I hope it really is because I don’t want to lose this account. It’s all fine for now, just letting you know. :)

asker-portrait sprinkle-periwinkle asked: noo:( I remember cakebar that was an amazing blog I don't want that to happen to you:( please keep us updated I hope everything gets sorted and you stay. lots of love xo

It was! Was…

I have the suspicion all popular Tumblr blogs will be deleted because of this. What’s the point of wasting your time on this website then?

If I only knew… I would have made the same “mistake” cause I got the sweetest followers, thank you for messaging me! 

I just received an email from Tumblr saying that this is my final warning and if I ever post something I’m not supposed to (copyright infringement, you know…) they’re gonna terminate my account.

I just saw that woodendreams is about to be terminated and I remembered that the same thing happened to thecakebar which was one of my fav blogs. As you know, long time ago I started putting the source of each photo in the description and then the source box, so I don’t know what the heck these people want from me. The fact is that Tumblr is starting to lose its best blogs (not talking about mine) due to this alleged copyright infringement stuff. And that’s when 99% of all blogs post photos with no source/correct source.

I spent the last 5 years of my life on here and Tumblr is like my morning paper. I spent many hours, days, weeks and months gathering material for this blog (and all my other blogs). I wasted money, time and emotions on this website and I thought it was the best time ever spent. Well, it WAS

The truth is you gotta delete this whole freackin’ website in case you want to have everything credited the right way. 


So, anyways, this email doesn’t say they are gonna delete my account but this notice made me think about starting my blog on another social platform or maybe my own website. I had that idea a long time ago and now I regret not doing it.

I am gonna find a way to do that and I’m gonna let you know where to find me.

Sorry if one day you log in and don’t find me here, I did the best I could. But until that time comes, I’m gonna figure out what to do and I’m gonna continue posting photos of my favorite supermodels. This is what I do and what I like, I’m always gonna do it even if Tumblr doesn’t like it.

(Source: 80s-90s-supermodels)