asker-portrait thatonegayguy123 asked: Did you know that Lorde reblogged one of your posts

Well, she always does, so… I didn’t but thank you for letting me know. :)

asker-portrait studio54nyc asked: I'm so happy this blog exists, thank you for making this!

You’re welcome, sweetie, I’m so glad you like it! 

asker-portrait bt-wifi asked: hi! want to say that you have a great blog and seem like a really lovely person which is always nice to see :) do you know of any good 80s/90s blogs?xx

Thanks for the compliment, sweetheart! ♥

Some of my fav 80s/90s blogs are 80s90sredux,periodicult and paradise-she-said, including the blogs dedicated to supermodels like lalinda-evangelista, karen-mulder, fuckyeahyasmeenghauri and more… :)