pxtn asked: everyone's beautiful // fuck model stereotypes--it's 2014

I guess you haven’t followed my blog long enough to really know my opinion about models and women in general so I’m not even gonna respond to that, but thanks for letting me know, I thought it was 1564.

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fauxuniverse asked: I cancelled my Vogue subscription over the Kim Kardashian cover. She's just rich trash. I kept my subscriptions to French and Spanish Vogue though.

Nicely done, I hear a lot of people did the same. :)

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the-fashion-stuff asked: Why do you think the general public in America are becoming more and more commercial? From using celebrities instead if models, to using commercial looking Caucasian models instead of a diverse mix, to lowering down the editorial quality of American Vogue and Harper's Bazaar, to having Kendall Jenner as a model and even putting Kim K on the cover of Vogue! The American fashion industry is becoming worse and worse and even dumber and trashy.

I completely agree with you but unfortunately I’ve no idea why the US fashion industry’s become so trashy. Looking back at Vogue US, they would put celebs on the covers who were also models at some point - Isabella Rossellini, Andie MacDowell, Brooke Shields, Kim Basinger… And now I don’t understand how Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are models… Very disappointing cover indeed. I don’t want to talk more about this cause I’m so mad right now, these people have ruined it all, fashion will never be what it was…

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bacontit asked: Your blog is so amazing

Thanks so much, sweetie! 

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Vogue Belleza, December 1983
Photographer : Barry McKinley
Model : Iman

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Just a quick announcement : I’m leaving for Italy tomorrow so I guess I won’t be very active in the next two weeks. I do have a lot of drafts but even tough I’ve been on Tumblr for about 5 years now I’m still not familiar with the queue thing. I’m gonna try my hardest to find some vintage magazines there and scans some for you (if I find anything of course, cross your fingers I will!). 

P.S.: I’ve uploaded all the photos of the models that were requested so you’re gonna see them today and tomorrow since I don’t want to spam your dashes with all of them.

I love you, guys, wishing you a nice day/night!

Rosie ♥

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Vogue US, 1995
Photographer : Ellen von Unwerth
Model : Kate Moss

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Vogue US, January 1979
Photographer : Chris von Wangenheim
Model : Gia

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bambibrun asked: What would you describe as the 'look' of the 80s and 90s models and what is it that you level about that era for modelling? :) xx

Oooh, I can’t describe two decades in one word or one sentence. I’ve got a lot to say about this but I think the most remarkable thing about the 80s/90s (except for the early 80s and especially the late 90s) is COLOR! I love all the brave ideas of the designers when it comes to color blocking. Here are some wonderful examples : Niki, Niki2, Linda, Roberta.

Also, I’ve said many times why I think 80s/90s models are different from todays models (which I like but will never appreciate the way I love the models I present on this blog). 

These two decades have always been special in my life and honestly I have no idea why I like them so much. Is it the music, the fashion, the culture in general… I don’t know. But the feeling that I get from even thinking about all that is just indescribable.

I hope all that answers your question. And as for me, I think I have to write a whole book to describe everything I think about the 80s and the 90s. :)

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"Retro Actives", Vogue France, February 1994
Photographer : Gilles Bensimon
Model : Yasmeen Ghauri

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